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1. Which computer was commissioned on May 17, 1943 as Project PX?


(c) Tandem-16 (d) IBM 701


2. Tandem-16 from Tandem Computers was popular in the banking industry when introduced in 1973 for its online transaction processing capability. What first had the computer to its credit then?

(a) The first computer with a CRT display unit

(b) The first computer with fault-tolerance capability

(c) The first computer with a hard disk

(d) The first computer to have a microprocessor

3. It is said that computer pioneer Admiral Grace Murray Hopper and her team members coined the term “debugging” when they discovered an insect jamming the relays in the computer they were working on. What kind of insect did they find, and in which machine?

(a) A moth and Harvard Mark II

(b) A moth and EDSAC

(c) A cockroach and ENIAC

(d) A cockroach and UNIVAC

4. Ed Roberts and Forrest M. Mims III took a gamble with what little funds they had from their failing calculator business to make a do-it- yourself kit computer on then newly- released Intel 8080 microprocessor

The machine proved to be a big success. Name this system

(a) Altair 8800 (b) Tandem-16

(c) LINC (d) Scelbi-8H

5. PDP series of computers manufactured by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) from early 1960s to mid-1990s occupies a special place in the computing history. Particularly, the PDP-11 was a very popular machine having a number of novel features in its time. What was the full name of PDP?

(a) Powerful Data Processor

(b) Programmed Data Processor

(c) Programmed Database Processor

(d) Parallel Data Processor

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