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1. What does ENIAC stand for? (a) Electronic Numeric Integrator and Calculator (b) Electronic Numerically Integrated Computer (c) Electric Numerically Integrated Calculator (d) Electronic Numeric Intelligent Advanced Computer 2. For what purpose was ENIAC built? (a) To assist the US Space research program. (b) Calculation of ballistic firing tables by Ballistics Research Laboratory of the US Army. (c) To break the secret codes used by the then USSR Armed Forces. (d) For the calculation of US Census data. 3. The first American electronic computer designed for business and administrative use was (a) Mark I (b) ENIAC (c) EDSAC (d) UNIVAC I 4. Which of the following computers was the first ‘mass produced’ computer, all its predecessors being ‘one-off’ units? (a) Mark I (b) ENIAC (c) EDSAC (d) UNIVAC-I 5. The term mainframe originally referred to what? (a) Computers made up of vacuum tubes (b) The cabinet containing the central processing unit (c) Computers made by IBM (d) Super computers

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