Quiz Of The Day

1. If you turn on a PC and the boot-up process halts, giving you the message: “Non-System disk or disk error….Replace and press any key when ready”, the problem is likely:

  1. A non-bootable floppy disk is in the floppy-disk drive and you should remove it
  2. The hard-drive has failed and you should replace it
  3. RAM has failed and you should replace it
  4. A key on the keyboard is stuck and the keyboard should be replaced

2. If you turn on a PC and the system unit is clearly ON, but the monitor is dark, the problem could be that:

  1. The monitor is not turned ON
  2. The monitor is not plugged in
  3. The monitor is not connected to the PC
  4. Any or all of the above

3. If a PC freezes or behaves otherwise erratically, and the system unit is very quiet, the most likely cause is:

  1. A virus has infected the system
  2. The hard-drive is almost out of space
  3. The CMOS RAM is failing
  4. The power-supply fan has failed and the system is overheating

4. What should you do if you receive the following message:
Cannot find a device file that may be needed to run Windows or a Windows application…zyvxd.386
Press any key to continue?

  1. Power the machine OFF, then ON to resync the kernel
  2. Replace the hard drive
  3. Start Windows and run Scandisk to reload the missing file(s)
  4. Press any key to continue loading Windows and, then, either reload the missing file or remove the line in SYSTEM.INI that loads it
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