Quiz of the day

1. Which of these is a documented hoax virus?
a) McDonalds screensaver b) Alien.worm
c) Adolph d) Merry Xmas
2. What is LCP?
a) Link Control Protocol b) Local Connection Protocol
c) Laggy Connection Problem d) Lost Connection Problem


3. What is NAT?
a) Network Address Translation b) Newly Added Technology
c) Novell Address Transfer d) Network Administration Tool
4. What is FMD?
a) FastEthernet Measuring Device b) Flashing Media Diode
c) Fluorescent Multi-Layer Disc d) Flash Media Driver
4. What does PPTP stand for?
a) Point to Point Transfer Protocol b) Point to Point Traffic Protocol
c) Point to Point Transmission Protocol d) Point to Point Tunneling Protocol
Marvelous Chibagidhi

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