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The first Unix operating system, as it was in development stage, was written in the


A.  C language


B.  B language


C.  assembly language


D.  none of these



Which one of the following is not an input device?


A. Keyboard


B. Joystick


C. Printer


D. Optical Character Reader



The input device that is most likely to be used to play computer game is the


A.  Joystick


B.  Keyboard


C.  Touch Screen


D.  Mouse



The Input device that is closely related to a touch screen is the


A.  Keyboard


B.  Light pen


C.  Scanned


D.  Joystick



A bus is a / an


A.  electronic track system


B.  part of register


C.  special memory


D.  part of a Cpu
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