Quiz Of The Day

1. What are “bells and whistles” in a piece of hardware or software?


(a) End user license agreement


(b) Attractive features beyond the basic functionality


(c) Undetected bugs which surface after use


(d) Free add on given later by the seller


2. Bernoulli box is a removable floppy disk drive for PCs with high storage capacity. It has been named after Daniel Bernoulli, an 18th-century physicist. What was his most significant contribution?


(a) Principle of aerodynamic lift


(b) Laws of thermodynamics


(c) Hydraulic principle


(d) Discovery of semiconductors.


3. What does the standard ISO 9241-3 pertain to?


(a) Ergonomics requirements for office work with visual display terminals


(b) Read/Write procedures for a compact disk


(c) Ergonomics requirements in the design of a key board


(d) Ergonomics requirements in the design of a mouse


4. What is the resolution unit of a mouse?


(a) Mickey (b) Mini


(c) Pixel (d) Pixamonday

5. You know LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. But what is a Dark- Emitting Diode (DED)?


(a) A LED in OFF state


(b) An LCD without the backlit light


(c) A LED that produces light in more than one color


(d) A burned-out LED

Marvelous Chibagidhi

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