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1. What is the function of a hardware device called Degausser?

(a) It guards the hardware from sudden changes in supply voltage.

(b) It removes magnetization from a video monitor or tape recorder head It also erases information from a magnetic media.

(c) It is a locking device that prevents unauthorized access to the system.

(d) It is a plug-n-play port to attach other external devices to a computer.


2. Early computers were using punched cards as storage devices. But which machine used the punched cards first?

(a) Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine

(b) Hollerith’s statistical tabulating Machine

(c) Jacquard Loom

(d) Mechanical calculators

3. In the earliest IBM PCs and display units of computers belonging to 1970’s and 80’s, what was the length of a standard line of text?


(a) 32 characters (b) 64 characters

(c) 80 characters (d) 132 characters


4. When two modems are ‘handshaking’ what exactly are they doing?

(a) Converting digital data into analog data

(b) Converting analog data into digital data

(c) Buffering data at own end to send to the other

(d) Exchanging information about which protocol to use for transmission


5. In computer lingo, what are ‘mouse droppings’?

(a) The trail left behind the mouse cursor

(b) The mouse ball

(c) Fatigue in the palm resulting from holding the mouse for a long time

(d) Pixels that are not properly re-stored when the mouse is moved.

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