Quiz Of The Day

1. What piece of object is 120 mm in diameter, 1.2 mm thick, composed of a polycarbonate plastic substrate, one side coated with thin reflective metal and a lacquer coating as well?

(a) Hard disk (b) Floppy disk

(c) Compact Disk (d) Mouse pad


2. What is the difference between an inkjet printer and a babble jet printer?

(a) An inkjet printer uses piezoelectric crystals to shoot ink from nozzles, whereas a bubble jet printer uses heating elements for the same purpose

(b) The former uses water-based ink, whereas the latter uses oil-based ink.

(c) The former is a line printer whereas the latter is a page printer.

(d) The former uses ink whereas the latter uses powder toner.


3. Which company calls its inkjet printers by the name Bubble jet?

(a) Epson (b) HP

(c) Canon (d) Xerox


4. Where do you find an “activity light” in a computer?

(a) In optical mouse

(b) A small colored light on the front panel of a computer’s CPU case, which flickers when a hard or floppy disk drive is active

(c) Inside the CD drive read/write head

(d) Inside the CRT of the monitor.


5. In what size the floppy disks were coming when first introduced?

(a) 10 inches (b) 8 inches

(c) 5 1/2 inches (d) 3 1/2 inches

Marvelous Chibagidhi

Quiz Of The Day

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