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1. What is the measure of the amount of light radiated by a computer monitor?

(a) Luminance (b) Pixel

(c) Lux (d) Watt


2. Which piece of electronic circuit is also called ‘glassfet’?

(a) Resisters (b) Capacitor

(c) Printed circuit boards (d) Vacuum tubes


3. Which computer device, invented in 1970, was described as an ‘X-Y position indicator for a display system’ in its patent application?

(a) Cathode Ray Tube (b) Scanner (c) Joy stick (d) Mouse


4. Which company was the first to distribute mouse as a standard component with personal computers?

(a) Apple Computer (b) IBM

(c) HP (d) Compaq


5. In the computer industry, what is the practice of buying various parts of a computer from the best sources known as?

(a) Assembly shopping (b) Window-shopping (c) Body shopping (d) Body hunting

Marvelous Chibagidhi

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