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1. What is von Neumann bottleneck?
(a) Competition between data and instructions for CPU time.
(b) Constraints imposed by the speed of devices, like floppy, hard or CD drives on the access to data on them.
(c) Non-feasibility of a truly all-purpose computer microprocessor.
(d) Disagreement in the computer industry over truly open systems.

2. This was a revolutionary plan from Intel, AMD and Microsoft that involved building security into personal computers and serves at the microprocessor level. When available, this technology will enable the users to filter out spam, authorize only wanted programs to run, encrypt the data on the computer thereby preventing others to read it or modify it what name has been given to this plan?
(a) Iridium (b) Palladium
(c) Vanadium (d) Itanium

3. If such names as ‘Semiconductor Triode’, ‘Solid Triode’, ‘Surface States Triode’, ‘Crystal Triode’ and ‘lotatron’ were considered, then what name was ultimately chosen for this crucial electronic circuitry component?
(a) Diode (b) Triode
(c) Transistor (d) Resister
4. The term QWERTY refers to
(a) A standard for CD-ROMs
(b) The traditional keyboard layout
(c) A standard for data compression
(d) The standard CPU cabinet design

5. What was developed by August Dvorak and William L Dealey in 1936?
(a) The optical mouse
(b) The Dvorak keyboard
(c) The first mechanical calculator
(d) The first facsimile machine that used the concept of scanning

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