Quiz Of The Day

1. Which was the first computer with graphical user interface (GUI)?

(a) Alto by Xerox (b) Lisa from Apple Computer

(c) Tandem-16 (d) IBM PC AT

2. In which computers, a series of chimes, known as chimes of doom, sound as a result of serious system failure?

(a) IBM ThinkPad (b) Compaq Presario

(c) Apple Macintosh (d) DEC VAX

3. VAX was a popular family of 32-bit minicomputers from Digital Equipment Corporation in the late 1970s and early 1980s. What does the acronym VAX stand for?

(a) Virtual Address extension (b) Virtual Accessible extension (c) Variable Address Xenix (d) Versatile Addressable extension

4. What does the term “five-nines availability” mean?

(a) A system is free from the Y2K problem

(b) The system has high availability, i.e. it has achieved 99.999 percent uptime

(c) The system is virus-proof (d) The system is fault-tolerant

5. What is the footprint of a PC?

(a) The time by which it becomes completely obsolete.

(b) The time it takes to boot up.

(c) The surface area it occupies.

(d) The gross weight of it.

Marvelous Chibagidhi

Quiz Of The Day

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