Quiz Of The Day

1. What fault were the early Pentium chips from Intel carrying?

(a) They were not carrying any heat sink

(b) They were without CPU fans

(c) Faulty floating point units (FPUs)

(d) The Millennium Bug

2. Which early versions of Pentium microprocessors from Intel had been dubbed as “coffee warmers” because of the amount of heat they were producing?

(a) P5 60 and 66 MHz (b) P54 75 and 90 MHz (c) P54C 133 and 150 MHz (d) P55C 200 and 300 MHz.

3. Different versions of which microprocessor from Intel had the code names ‘Katmai’, ‘Coppermine’, and ‘Tualatin’ during development?

(a) 8088 (b) Pentium II

(c) Pentium III (d) Pentium MMX

4. Which microprocessor from Intel had the code name of ‘Willamette’ during its development?

(a) 486 (b) Pentium II

(c) Pentium III (d) Pentium IV.

5. What is von Neumann bottleneck?

(a) Competition between data and instructions for CPU time.

(b) Constraints imposed by the speed of devices, like floppy, hard or CD drives on the access to data on them.

(c) Non-feasibility of a truly all-purpose computer microprocessor.

(d) Disagreement in the computer industry over truly open systems.

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