Queer Fear of Tech among Lecturers

University lecturers have been urged to adopt trending technologies when doing lectures.This cheap tip comes at a time when there are some lecturers in local universities who are still scared of using latest technologies.

While they still prefer in the traditional methods of tutoring, it is uncanny funding them on laptops end desktops typing their theses, papers and reports.In these modern times, there is more to computers than just being typists for lecturers as they can use Powerpoint Presentations and live streaming to conduct lectures.

Speaking to TechnoMag after a Computer Society of Zimbabwe organised event dubbed Demystifying and harnessing Opportunities of Education and E-Learning, Zimbabwe Open University’s Instructional Technologist Engineer Josphat Maforo said there are some varsity lecturers who are still as archaic.

“What we are saying is that lecturers tend to to what they have always known best. But what we are doing is to encourage them to adopt various technologies to make their work much easier and in the process it’s not necessarily coercing them but generally what we are doing is giving them encouragement by giving them insights on how their work can be facilitated by technology,” he said.

At ZOU, they did an exercise of letting lecturers experiment with technologies.

“So we started with a chaos based approached where it was simply a free for all. Everyone can experiment with various technologies they want,” said Eng Maforo.

Eng Maforo added that through this exercise they selected the crème-de-la-crème to mentor others in the use of latest technologies.

“Then we took out some of those who came out on top to become the models so that all the other lecturers can have peers to look up to. Not necessarily us who are in technology to be the one saying this actually works but having their colleagues to actually demonstrate and show how their work has been made easier by using various platforms,” he noted.

Hellenic Academy Head of IT Petros Basopo

But at Helenic Academy in Harare, the school’s Head of IT and IT Trainer Petros Basopo said they do programs of familiarising their teachers with technologies they can use during lessons.

Also speaking at the event was Quality data Solutions CEO Richwell Phineas who said developers can utilise opportunities abundant in the education through developing mobile applications.

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