Pvt Sec Increase Agric 28,42%, Households 21,31%, Distribution 11,54%, Fin Org’s 20,49%, Manufacturing 10,55%, Services 8,27%


The apex bank has released a report that gives Credit to the private sector, in large part, extended towards growth in agriculture, 28,42%; households, 21,31%; distribution, 11,54%; financial organizations, 10,49%; manufacturing, 10,55%; and services, 8,27%.

“Despite the resurgence of renewed inflationary pressures in the economy, continued stability in the macro-economic environment curtailed large changes in inflation rates, compared to the corresponding period in 2020,” the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe report stated.

The monthly report also shows that on an annual basis, local currency deposits included in broad money registered a growth of 249,30%, while currency in circulation increased by 80,94%.


During the period under review, broad money increased by $35,41 billion recording 10,76% largely underpinned by an increase in foreign currency deposits.

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Zimbabwe Forex Deposits Increase By US$59 Million

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