Psssst 08677 is the New VoIP by ZOL

Zimbabwe Online, (ZOL) an Internet Service Provider and subsidiary of fibre laying enterprise Liquid Telecom has been silently rolling out Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) a technology that allows one to make voice calls over the internet.

Probably the second biggest after Africom, Silently again, another player has almost completely rolled out VoIP installation and activated it.

Have you received any calls from 08677 prefix network lately, well fear not, that’s totally ZOL doing their thing silently again or maybe its just too early for them as they publicly pilot test the service.


ZOL have been completely silent about their new offering, which I personally call the future of voice calls, making it the third player to roll out VoIP to the public in Zimbabwe while this one is already fully functional and activated.

Zol has not made any public statement yet about the new offering but few tests have even proved that their customers service support numbers and many intra calls are already active.

zol VoiP

Interconnection calls to their parent company Econet wireless are already activated and live in a move that I personally think Econet may be seriously looking into as conventional voice revenue streams continue to be under siege.

With the latest announcement of Whatsapp to offer voice calls, we have seen some form of relaxation of VoIP, a move that Mobile Network Operators in Zimbabwe have previously resisted.

We are not sure as yet if ZOL is already interconnecting with other mobile networks or landlines, but since they are still pilot testing the product it may be an premature move for them.

Powertel is also silently working on thier VoIP, still at infancy with only intra network connectivity running on the (08611 network) prefix.

Africom has been in the game for years interconnecting all mobile operators on the 08644 network with a 400 000 subsbsciber base

Nicole Madziwa

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