Protests Will Not Be Tolerated In Zimbabwe: Muchinguri


Minister of Defence and War Veterans Affairs Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri has warned Zimbabweans not to be flattered by the Sri Lankan protests, as this behaviour will not be tolerated in the country.

This sentiments came in after the Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa commented on his Twitter account that Sri Lanka is a great teacher for all the oppressed in the world.

Sri Lankan’s have been protesting against their President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and their Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe urging them to resign as they are blaming them for economic mismanagement leading to shortage of food, fuel and medicines.

“Sri Lanka is a great teacher and excellent classroom for all the oppressed of the world!,” said Chamisa.

Muchinguri took a tweet to respond to Chamisa denouncing the protests and threatened to use the Rule of Law.

“Do not be delusional, the Republic of Zimbabwe is Not the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka!!!.”

“The Second Republic at work, whilst the Imperialist sponsored CCC is busy daydreaming of trying to replicate the lawlessness that we have just witnessed in Sri Lanka.The Rule of Law will always be upheld in this country. Such nonsense will not be tolerated!!!,” said the Defence Minister.

Sri Lankan’s protestors have since invaded Rajapaksa house and also burnt down Wickremesinghe house, saying the two must resign.

They have also vowed to occupy the Presidential Palace until the two leaders resigns.

However, Zimbabweans have been blaming the Zanu PF led government for economic mismanagement which have led to price hikes of basic commodities, fuel price hikes, inflation, shortage of transport, shortage of medicine in the hospitals and many others.

Zimbabwe’s main opposition party CCC has been advocating for Zimbabweans to protest against the Zanu PF led government’s economic mismanagement leading to shortage of medicines in the hospitals, price hikes of basic commodities, inflation and fuel price hikes.

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