(Updated) Prophet E Makandiwa Launches Christ TV

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

UFIC founder, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, indisputably Zimbabwe`s most influential philanthropic miracle worker recently announced during church service that the ministry has made serious strides in occupying Over The Air (OTA) sphere as they launch a new TV station.

“We have a reason to thank God tonight, God has been so faithful to us, we are now on air. From this coming Friday you are going to find us on your screen, this is something we have been waiting for and praying for” said Prophet Makandiwa.

The 15 000 filled to capacity City Sports centre received the message with so much excitement and joy as the congregants yearned for much more time of viewership at the comfort of their own homes during a Tuesday evening service.

The new UFIC channel is broadcasting on the satellite TV channel for the Free To Air FTA decoders world-wide 24/7 as the ministry seeks to maximise on the opportunities availed by the (OTA) technology to reach out to millions without borders.

The New satellite based TV station has been coined ChristTv.co .
Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa 1

For configuration purposes,(It is best to do a blind search as the frequency may shift.)

Here is How To Configure On DStvHOW TO WATCH US ON DSTV 1.       On DSTV, Press menu & advanced options 2.       Dish Password 9949, Go to network 2, 3.       Frequency 12722 symbol rate 26657 4.       FEC 5/6, Polarity Horizontal, Use NIT YES, 5.       Accept all, Scan all networks , 6.       Press TV then scroll down to Public 1S7 and press ok. 7.       To return to subscribed channels press tv to go to DSTV


The station is already broadcasting on the said channel, though Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa confirmed that it is only currently a test run awaiting the official launch this Friday, should all necessary procedures be expedited.

These codes are only applicable to the Zimbabwean region, but a blind search will yield results of all newly added stations since the last time one had rescanned and the Christ Tv station will also be picked up. This will be the ideal solution for other regional countries to access the station.

For the popular Wiztech Or Philibao Free To Air Decoders, this is the simple setup procedure to receive the signal.
1. Using your remote control, press MENU.
2. Now select INSTALLATION, and press OK.
3. Now select BLIND SEARCH and press OK.
4. press the red button on you remote for philibao or read the instruction on which button to press for other decorders and press OK.
5. wait for it to finish scanning .once done .check for a channel labled (Christ tv)

Your decoder will then now attempt to scan and add all the channels.

For those who need to run the actual codes for the specific channel and those within the range, one would go through the same menu settings and choose manual option to actually input the codes Instead of running an auto scan, Go to Network 1
Freq:10600 For Network 2 When prompted to input the vertical and horizontal codes, simply update Frequency 12722, Symbol Rate : 26657 and Polarisation is Horizontal.

So long as one is using the FTA generic decoders, the menu settings for inputting any new channels are universally the same except some few insignificant differences which may appear here and there due to variations by product manufactures.

All decoders operating on the FTA frequency in Zimbabwe will automatically pick signals from the East based transmitter under as the Digital broadcast satellite transmits programming in the superfast Ku frequency range (11.7 GHz to 14.5 GHz ).

Christ TV is a purely gospel based station witnessing the great works of The Lord Jesus Christ and confirming by works, what he truly died for.

The Free To Air transmitting technology has become so famous in Zimbabwe with most organisations and churches taking the same route as a viable and reliable mass media means to broadcast messages to billions across the world.

However, setting a broadcasting channel via this satellite technology is no walk in the path as it comes costly, even before signing up on the airwaves frequency channel to actually start transmitting, a proper studio environment will be ideal to generate continuous quality content instead of programmed repeat channels.

The Christ TV channel will also be running with a separate complimentary website for instant ubiquitous access. The Christtv.co domain will be also going live to compliment the over the air move to reach out to billions across the world.

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa said “We want to reach out to all souls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have prepared programming that will transform lives through the word of God”

Prophet Makandiwa rose to prominence more than 5 years ago while he was still a pastor at AFM church. He became synonymous with overflows, filling up to capacity every centre he chose for church services from the humble state lottery, prompting the tender UFIC ministry to settle for the City Sports Centre, another 15 000 seater they had to back up with 10 000 seater main tents.
man`s conference

In NO high tech Sci-Fi sessions, Prophet Makandiwa has been mightily used of God to perform astounding healings, unbelievable miracles and precise prophecies which have changed thousands of Zimbabweans` lives.

He was also recently nominated one of the top 3 most influential Zimbabwean, after a long time friend and founder of Spirit Embassy, Prophet Uebert Angel and Mbada Diamonds corporate services executive Mr George Manyaya.

This was just but rubber stamping on how they have transformed lives not only via miracles and signs but also with life changing philanthropic activities all around Zimbabwe.

To get all these activities closer to us in the comfort of our homes, is a sure sign that technology is the tool that the human race cannot do without.

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