Comparison: Telecel Megaboost Vs OneFusion

Our first showdown, from government owned enterprises hits the nation in the first quarter of the year as Telecel Zimbabwe finally flexes its commercial muscles, since acquisition.

They say when elephants fight, it’s the grass which suffers. But on the contrary, when it comes to promotions in the telecommunications sector, consumers get spoiled for choice going after the network that gives them more.

Most consumers would agree with me that they subscribed to these MNOs for their pitches which were convincingly marvelous. So currently NetOn’sOneFusion and Telecel’s Megaboost have  introduced bundles which cover voice, data and social networks, but which one is a great deal?

By Kudakwashe Pembere 

While its going to be a bit difficult to compare the two products, mainly because NetOne one does not offer an entry level on their dollar value,the comparison is much more easier for the higher denomination. 

This however can be used in favour of Telecel Zimbabwe, which  can now capture the mainstream $1 market and squeeze the benefits of it. With the current economic melt down, every dollar value is likely to be received well by Zimbabweans, which gives Telecel Megaboost a high advantage 

The Telecel Dollar offers 15minutes on net calls for Telecel to Telecel which is way above the market rate, plus an extra 4minutes to call other networks, while it carries new market benefits of 30mb whatsapp data,50mb to browse the internet and a generous 15 SMS texts.

Comparing it to the NetOne, the closes it comes to is a dollar per pay. This has a whooping 15 minutes on net calls , and 4 extra minutes to call other networks, plus 30 mb data to browse to browse the internet and an extra 30 SMS. The voice and SMS offers are higher than Megaboost while they are beaten hands down on the data offer.  Telecel offers 80mb in total of data.

The $5 bunde

Otherwise, other MNOs would smilingly embrace their new clientele while reclaiming those who went wayward.

Potraz came back to its senses to let the gladiators to their thing of giving customers nothing but enticing packages.

Recently acquired by the government is Telecel Zimbabwe which introduced its latest product offering to its public over the weekend.


The company’s head of marketing Christopher Rubatika said the introduction of Mega Boost is Telecel’s response to the demand for more affordable mobile services that is voice and data.

Can Telecel relive its era of glory that has been snatched from their hands by NetOne?

Remember, just into dollarisation, Telecel introduced Mega Juice Cards which offered more what what a customer could bargain for. Imagine getting $3 worth of airtime for $1. Somehow this then appeared to be much a heavy compromise on the company’s side which forced them to cancel the promo. The mobile network is well known for offering bonus airtime or data through offers like the popular Mega Bonus.

More some believe that what held Telecel back was the company’s sale which stalled and hid all its potential.

newly launched Telecel megaboost tariff

The popular $1 denomination, for example, will give Telecel customers on the MegaBoost package 30MB for WhatsApp, 50MB data to surf however one likes, 15 minutes of telecel-to-telecel voice calls, 4 minutes of calls to other local networks, and 15 texts all valid for 24 hours

“MegaBoost, as the name suggests, is our all-inclusive package which gives our pre-paid customers a much needed boost in terms of making mobile services like data, voice, text and social media access more affordable. MegaBoost is a response to increasing customer requests for affordable mobile services,”he said adding, “On the high end, $10 will provide unlimited WhatsApp, 1Gig of data, 150 minutes of telecel-to-telecel calls, another 25 minutes to call other local networks and 300 SMS all valid for a full month.”

MegaBoost package gives unlimited Whatsapp bundles , data, voice calls and text benefits to Telecel customers who have recharged with 50 cents, $1, $2, $5, and $10. Pre-paid customers who recharge

There is also the introduction of new Weekly Data Bundles starting from only 50 cents.

That’s what Econet can offer but from the public’s opinion, they feel it’s not as enough as that offered by NetOne.

NetOne inarguably ripped the competition to pieces with its flagship One Fusion. With customers heaping praises onto One Fusion, this has gained the company about half a million subscribers in the past quarter. For $10, NetOne’s brings to the platter 130 minutes of on-net talk time, 40 minutes to other networks, 800MB data, 805 WhatsApp, 1035 Facebook, 500MB Twitter plus 30 SMSes.

Its a game of numbers. NetOne still offers more because technically, just 1GB of data from Megaboost enticing as One Fusion’s $10 package which gives customers far much more than 1GB inclusive of Twitter and Facebook bundles plus generic data.

Cognisant of WhatsApp’s popularity from $5, Telecel’s Mega Boost has unlimited WhatsApp, 350MB data, 60 on net minutes, 15 off net minutes and 130SMSes. For a similar price, NetOne offers the same number of on-net minutes while giving more off net talk time of 18 minutes with 900MB Facebook and 700MB WhatsApp bundles plus 300MB data and 10 SMSes. Both $5 packages last for a month.

With Telecel jumping on the wagon, although still offering slightly less than One Fusion, the duel gets more exciting with NetOne forced to either pump up the heat or cower in complacency. So far NetOne and Telecel have great deals on offer for tech savvy Zimbabweans while Econet remains on the kerb.


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