Project Vote 263 To Leverage On AI To Enhance Democracy

The Project Vote 263 yesterday launched its Artificial Intelligence Democracy 2.0 program in Harare.


Project Vote 263 aims to utilize the power of technology to enhance democracy and good governance by using artificial intelligence. Through AI Democracy 2.0, the project focus on civic education, and counter misinformation and disinformation to create a platform for citizens to access fact-checked information on democracy and good governance.


They also intend to teach about rights, the different roles of elected officials, where you can register to vote, who is your local member of parliament, and various functions of the government on governance and democracy.



In an interview with the Director of Project Vote 263, Youngerson Matete, the program is aimed at enhancing the youths, women and people living with disabilities in governance and democracy beyond the ballot.


“This program is also meant to foster the participation of women, young people and people with disability in decision making for they can only participate if they can interact with their immediate officials,” said Matete.


They also launched another program, The Community Indaba, which is a physical interaction platform where they train residents elected officials and other stakeholders such as the society, journalists and others to try and create a platform where residents can interact with the elected officials such as councillors, members of parliaments and other government officials on issues to do with governance, transparency and accountability.


This will help citizens to appreciate their rights, responsibility to the state, and the functions of the government in various government departments like the parliament, judiciary and local government.


You can check more information on the chatbot at +263719622044 just send a trigger message on WhatsApp like “hi” it will prompt you to enter your details and then take you to the main menu.

Sheltryn Parangira

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