President Mugabe offers $330 000 to Catch “Baba Jukwa”

As Zimbabwe goes into its first election at the peak of Social Networking we found an article in UK Zimbabwean Independent Interesting.
Baba Jukwa the Mole has been using Facebook to leak information about President Mugabe’s leadership

here is more from the UK Independent
President Robert Mugabe has reportedly offered a $330,000 ransom for the person willing to identify an anonymous whistleblower who he believes to be behind a string of leaks.

The mole goes under the name of Baba Jukwa and appears to be using Facebook to leak information from the heart of the Zimbabwean regime. The Baba Juwka page already has a following of over 250,000 and has been viewed more than one million times.

In the posts, the mole accuses government ministers of corruption and police of brutality. In a move similar to hacking group Anonymous it has also published what it claims are their private mobile numbers.

On the profile, the mole describes himself as a “concerned father, fighting nepotism and directly linking community with their Leaders, Government, MPs and Ministers”.

In the most recent post, the mole urged security forces to “remain resolute” in delivering a new Zimbabwe. The post said: “Yesterday in my chat with security officers who were waiting to vote at Mai Musodzi in Mbare and at the Town House, they said they were determined to make a statement and that no amount of frustration will stop them to make a statement.

“I urge our gallant security forces to remain resolute and assist in delivering a new Zimbabwe. Let the power to have a better be delivered through your determination l witnessed yesterday.”

The mole has also written posts contradicting reports about 89-year-old Mr Mugabe’s health, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

President Mugabe’s aids have been allegedly calling for Facebook to remove the page without success and efforts to track the whistleblower down have so far failed. In frustration, the President has now reportedly appealed to members of the Chinese government for help in censoring the site and identifying the user, according to news reports.

It is not yet clear if the leaks are entering the public domain through one source or if more people are involved.

Most residents in Zimbabwe have access to mobile phones and social media is expected to play a big part in the presidential and parliamentary elections due to take place on 31 July.

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