Premises Security Goes A Notch Higher : Wireless Access Control


Technology keeps moving at unprecedented speeds, making leaps and bounds transformimg the way we live, how we do business and even how we relate to one another. From the workplace to the home, even the devices we use regularly, talk about smart devices you name it.

Tomorrow’s world will certainly make today’s current IT practices redundant. In the yester-year, we marvelled at the vinyl records that were replaced by cassettes and mini cassettes. These went hand in hand with walkmans only too be replaced by CDs and discman players.

Not long after that came the iPod and well the world was never the same.

Alan Shirichena

Wireless is taking over, technology is replacing the traditional cable system. It seemed unimaginable a few years ago but now we have wireless home entertainment systems and wireless communication all over the home and office.

Smart Phone Access

Assa Abloy trading as Chubb Union Zimbabwe has been working on improving the security of premises these being homes and offices. The SMARTair is a wireless access control system that has been launched abroad and may very soon find itself in our homes.


Facilities are controlled through the internet and the access management system is preinstalled and preconfigured at the factory to provide full security to a premise.SmartAir
Clients can create and delete users, enable access, restrict permissions, open doors remotely, have real time control inputs in the system and even use a smartphone as a management terminal – all without the need for a dedicated server or computer.


SMARTAIR. Your Access Your Control, no longer will we need the traditional locksmith. The system eliminates problems at the end user’s facility, such as lengthy installation times, communication difficulties with IT departments and incompatibility with other operating systems.

Technology is not slowing down, reshaping Tommorrow’s World. Don’t be caught unaware.

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