Powertel Officially Speaks On Rebranding


Powertel, yesterday during a press conference  officially unveiled their new corporate look after successfully rebranding  where they explained on why they rebranded and the factors leading to them finally landing on the new colours and looks as they officially restructured and optimised their network service.
Speaking to the press, The marketing manager with Powertel, Mr. Prosper Mutswiri said that “this new cooperate look signifies resilience, speed, boldness and pioneering. This identity has arrived with different successes, amongst them is the Refreshed product scope.

By Gift Chirauro

Powertel has officially introduced some new services at the launch, with significant moves in:
1. The new VoIP based service 08611 giving the most affordable voice solution to the nation.
2. E-Vending for the prepaid electricity services to the nation thereby increasing access and convenience through technology.
3. Refreshed prepaid mobile broadband at the most affordable price.

”We are building on the best of the past and the best for the future. We have re-energised our look drawing strength from our history and heritage, whilst consciously remaining future focused” said Mr. Willard Nyagwande.

“In simple, the new logo fuses the old and the new to enhance and make a stronger statement of who we are, what we represent and our future focus. The new corporate identity that was adopted represents a cross-integration of qualities embedded within the last two PowerTel logos- namely the current logo and its predecessor.

There are various celebrations around the brand with the following notable successes:

  1. Refreshed product scope

Powertel recently increased their product scope with the introduction of the new voice service, prepaid electricity, new virtual private networks standardisation and reduced cost on internet services. Powertel have also interconnected with all networks hence customers are able to call across networks at the most affordable prices.

Powertel also offers carrier services to other telecommunications operators and the new icon will set the brand apart as it represents their capacity to support every Zimbabwean telecoms operator. It also fuse in the dimension of new innovations that comes with networks capacity.

  1. Increased capacity

The recent optimization of the base stations, increased coverage and interconnection on voice amongst others are some of the reasons behind the celebrations. Powertel have also increased their distribution capacity with the introduction of third party channels around Zimbabwe.

They also recently introduced their state of the art network operations centre which is set to introduce another customer dimension in terms of technical customer resolutions.

  1. National 24/7 call centre

Powertel recently introduced their national contact centre which operates 24/7 thus giving unmatched customer experience to their customers. The call centre is also outsourced to other customers as virtual contact centre services.The award winning call centre serves Powertel customers and all electricity customers which makes it the biggest national call centre.

  1. New advanced billing system

Customers and are able to enjoy real time value and convenience in recharging with the introduction of the advanced billing system by Powertel.


Interesting insights of the Powertel newly energised look

  • Maintains the current logo name typography format.
  • Retains the name Powertel Communications
  • Retains the current payoffline- “Imagine it, Live it!”This symbolises giving customers the power to be in control through converged services. In this customers enjoy voice, data, and video all from single billing system.
  • Refreshes the corporate colours
    • Blue- representing trust, strength, and dependability. We will endeavour to be customer centric always and we will continue to find solutions that will address our customer’s ever-changing demands.
    • Red representing excitement, boldness and youthfulness
    • Black symbolising the elegance and formality of our brand


  • Introduces a ‘Motion wheel’ symbolising the motion world- how we are continuously evolving, innovating and moving forward

The meaning of POWER!

  • Progressive and Pioneering.
  • Objective
  • Willpower
  • Energy
  • Resilience

Powertel’s services includes internet services, branch to branch connectivity, mobile broadband service, professional services, carrier services for other telecommunications operators, voice services and other value added services that comes with internet.



Powertel also spoke in depth on how they have improved the customer experience on the new 2cents/MB billing structure a move they are confident will change customer experience and offer fast, reliable and affordable connectivity.


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