Powertel Now Offers lowest mobile data rates in Zim ..Slashes Unlimited data from $175 to $50

Zimbabwe Internet Service Providers, (ISPs) for both fixed and mobile broadband have managed to keep up with the heated competition , while ultimately the subscriber has remained the biggest winner as promotions has seen data access prices tumble in Zimbabwe.

Powertel has not only been an influencer but a major player, currently offering the lowest priced mobile data broadband in Zimbabwe with their Code Dividion Multiple Acces (CDMA) and Wimax based mobile broadband units running under their earthquake data promotion.

The major disappointment however has been an issue of coverage and available speeds, which in the past few months has become a thing of the past as they continuously increase national coverage and optimize speeds, which effectively measures up with speeds equal to their Global System for Mobile (GSM) counterparts.

Currently, Powertel mobile broadband subscribers are enjoying the lowest data deals in town as the corporate extended the price and promotion of $50 per month for unlimited internet uploads and downloads, carrying thousands of Zimbabweans on the mobile broadband bandwagon.

The corporate has positioned the offering as a lifestyle of choice for those who love to have fun and live beyond the limits. When it comes to accessing their data. The introduction of this package on a promotion has seen the restoration of subscriber confidence in the PowerConnect broadband brand.

Previously unlimited mobile broadband was packed $175 per month and was slashed to $50 month effectively bringing Powertel back into the game on mobile broadband. Currently, the lowest data package at Powertel that has grown popular with their subscribers is the $2,50 for 1Gb, followed by $5 for 2Gb and $10 for 4Gb.

Regionally Zimbabwe has been recorded the country with the most expensive data rates , but with the current prize slashes and discounts, millions of Zimbabweans are now enjoying connectivity at even lower than regional tariffs a move which will see major data penetration in Zimbabwe.

Powertel is pushing their mobile data based service over their CDMA technology, a platform which is different from what conventional mobile cellphone operators use, which is GSM for all Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in Zimbabwe, like Econet, NetOne and Telecel.

The Major advantage of CDMA is that where available, in a perfect line of sight or areas of good coverage without signal disturbances like long buildings and trees, the subscriber will be able to receive very fast speeds.

Powertel recently has increased their bases stations hence more coverage across the nation and most residential areas today can now receive the CDMA signal which only needs a plug and go wireless and CDMA ready device to receive their fast internet.

The most common devices that are easily accessible are the popular data dongles, Standard CDMA cellphones or CDMA desk phones which act as a router to receive and send out data packets to the closest tower for super communication. With these units the subscriber does not even need any external or outdoor unit since the devices can pick signals easily in the area of coverages.

Some cell phone models on the market especially the Huawei and Gtel latest smartphones support dual SIM cards which take in both standard GSM SIM cards and CDMA cards as well, which makes it possible for a subscriber to still enjoy mobile broadband from your cellphone the same way one would from a standard GSM cellphone.

The major advantage however is the cost access, data from a CDMA service provider is way too cheaper than GSM data because of different technologies used to deliver the signal and connection to the back bone last mile.
Another major advantage is the capability of CDMA network to move both data and voice particles over the internet which introduces an exciting technology called Voice Over Internet Protocol VoIP. This technology allows voice to be sent over the already laid internet channel, hence it also comes very cheap compared to voice switching system used by GSM cellphone operators.

With a combination of CDMA and VoIP capability, the subscriber is posed to greatly benefit by joining the CDMA networks like that offered by Powertel as one can enjoy the best of both world in both voice and data based services.

Powertel is currently offering the lowest mobile data rates in Zimbabwe, and if your residential or business area is already covered by their network, then their service is the best deal offered in town which opens a world of online possibilities at a price close to nothing.

Nicole Madziwa

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