Powertel Now Interconnects All Mobile Networks Via VoIP


Powertel has successfully interconnected all the mobile networks (that’s GSM) in Zimbabwe as they gear up for VoIP, an inside source has revealed.

The new force on the market as we previously revealed will be running on 08611 network prefix.

The Internet Access Provider (IAP) which has been silently encroaching into the VoIP market since January this year will most likely close the year with a new product on their shelf as news has just filtered that they are now ready to blow fresh new revenue stream income.

News is expected to be officially announced this week as they also announce their new looks after the rebranding exercise, a move that is set to wage a new buzz in Zimbabwe`s telecoms sector.

Sources close to the matter could not divulge whether or not the new Powertel VoIP will be interconnecting other traditional VoIP providing giant like Africom, whom most Zimbabweans use for their day to day communication across networks.

Their data and voice network is going to be running under the NGN technology. This is a flat telephone network architecture built around an existing packet data network, instead of traditional hierarchically-structured telephone networks thus reducing initial investment costs.

Earlier this year, Powertel had advertised that they will be charging $9 per month or only $1 for 4 days, we are also not sure whether or not this tariff will still stand.

For a normal call, Powertel may be charging within the range of 8-6 cents per minute or less, a benchmark already set by their major competitor Africom.

Are they going to charge less or more than that? We will wait and see how it rolls.

It seems like finally we are opening up the VoIP market or maybe subsequently, the mobile operators will be forced to disband VoIP.
Do you think many subscribers will ditch the GSM conventional callers Econet, Telecel and Netone for the affordable VoIP?

Nicole Madziwa

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