Powertel No Longer A Typical Parastatal.

Zimbabwean Parastatals are boring, they are not in a rush, they don’t care about your money and more importantly, they do not even care about their own profits so if you are not happy  about the poor customer service go and hang.

 Most of our parastatals are nothing but loss making organizations who are there to serve those desperate enough mainly because they never faced stint to nor completion and   specifically in the telecoms sector, the game has changed.

Powertel has re branded thrice in the past five years, we almost said not again, but that energy towards branding was the first bold statement they made when they finally made up their mind as a competitor.


powertel shop 1

The new brand behind Powertel is reenergized and focused which has probably forced many to change their perception towards the brand as market confidence has been reactivated, while introducing convenient technologies that have removed Zesa queues around the country.

While most of the parastatals in Zimbabwe will need time before making profits, mainly because of the stinking past ways of doing business, they have legacy debts as well they need to shake off before they start registering profits and the future looks bright, thanks to the president as well for cracking whip and reiterating that they should compete.

For the past few months Powertel has had remarkable brand recognitions, which caught our attention. The brand, which is slowly taking the market by storm, is making strategic shades in noticeable areas signifying their change in marketing strategy.


Their once slow wimax usb dongles we had dumped have suddenly bounced back to life, with so much increased speeds and more importantly national coverage, though they still need to do more for all their national subscribers who need internet on the go.

powertel moderm 3

Their fibre to home project has slowly taken the market by storm, especially in Braeside area while we would have expected a lot more from them since very few medium to high density suburbs have fibre connectivity in Zimbabwe.

Probably the most significant change they made was in their data tariff with the earthquake data bundles, a major discount which saw their rates being competitive.

The move has contained most complaints that we received from both the corporate and individual users in the yester years as their subscribers are beginning to receive quality service provision with realtime online customer service support.

The company has been aggressively conducting market activations in Braeside advancing their 2016 launched fibre to the home product. The activation saw the company partnering with Spar at some point, a move that helped in positioning their catchment area.

The company has been heavily involved in strategic influential functions with clear brand representation. The recent gigantic University of Zimbabwe paparrette competition gave Powertel an edge with the University and next generation of industry leaders. The University of Zimbabwe in partnership with the Zimbabwe Institute of Engineers hosted an innovative competition at the NLT400 Hall. It goes without saying, they speak better and well embedded with the Army charity events at Zimbali gardens.

powertel team iwth SA rugby squad

powertel team iwth SA rugby squad

The power utility telecoms wing is making waves in  customer relations which is key with the company’s recent launch of the handy self-service portal, live chat and vibrant social network management. They also recently launched the mobile chat service which serves as the solution to frequently asked questions by the customer’s realtime.

Probably their latest accolades after winning at ZITF puts another feather up their cap as a formidable player and IAP in Zimbabwe, and speaking back to the common man via their TV interviews which were flighted on ZTV touches home to an emerging market which is less informed about fibre technology and the opportunities.

Powertel a wholly owned Zesa company, probably has mas many lessons not just for the state owned companies but market as well, as change is needed to reclaim market confidence in a hotly contested environment.

Nicole Madziwa

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