Powertel Tackles Poor Service Delivery Head On


Powertel a subsidiary of ZESA and State owned internet service provider has blamed low standard hardware as the major factor causing poor service delivery for its clients in Bulawayo, attributed by awarding tenders to wrong business people the Fingaz has revealed.”.

Powertel Managing Director Mr Willard Nyagwande said that the procurement processes on behalf of Powertel are done through Government Tenders which resulted in some suppliers supplying the wrong or substandard equipment greatly compromising service delivery for Bulawayo business and residential community.

Mr Nyagwande said that they have had problems with the hardware that was being supplied to the extent of rejecting thousands of handsets from suppliers after noticing that they were substandard. Powertel is now by branding all of their products to avoid situations of low standard products usage.

For an Internet service providers in the business for years, it now explains why we have been overly disappointed by Powertel which continuously faced erratic, service delivery a case that greatly affected their business market position.

Mr Nyagwade also revealed another strange issue, especially because they are a state enterprise when he highlighted that Powertel is finding it hard to get land for base stations a case which we would rather expect private players to be complaining about as the state owns a larger chunk of Zimbabwe`s land, but maybe not strategic.

What boggles one`s mind is why do we have all the state owned enterprises complaining about the State Procurement Board (SPB) for years now while the government has done absolutely nothing to make sure that their enterprises are let off the hook to fairy and compete with their private counterparts.
who is really benefiting from this stringent process facing the players and why is there so much resistance in freeing them when they independently operate and run their business without state intervention.

However praise needs to be given to Powertel for their affordable promotion of $9 per month on voice calls which is one of the best promotions in the market so far , they also have an internet service promotion called Hoza Promotion which is going for $35 per month.

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