Updated: Powertel “Shelves” Old Bills,Offers 2 months Unlimited Internet Access For $35

Wilson T Mtetwa

Matter Of Fact!
Powertel has announced that they have with immediate effect advised their subscribers to “worry not” about the long outstanding bills which were accumulated in the last trading era.

“we have asked dormant mobile internet subscribers to reactivate their accounts and enjoy unlimited internet access on the promotional price during the promotional period- whether or not they have an outstanding bill on their account. The promotion price is further extended to our current subscribers from 1 November – 31 December 2013.” said an official with Powertel

Powertel has however announced that all subscribers in arrears are encouraged to come in and reactivate their lines.

“Worry not about your outstanding bill and reactivate your dormant mobile internet account today”, said the statement.

This However did not imply that they HAVE CANCELLED THE arrears as we had previously stated.

They have also summersaulted the product by offering unlimited internet access for the next two months at only $35 per month.

Whats more, Powertel has slashed their CDMA internet dongles to an all time low of $25 including the sim card.

This we hope will increase the connectivity for most locals as internet access has been averagely too high for most people. With this strategy, Powertel is now amongst the most affordable internet Service providers.

We deeply regret the initial error which had stated that they have cancelled the old bills, matter of fact, “they simply said worry not about your outstanding bill for now”

Any inconvenience caused by the above statement is sincerely regretted

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