Powertel Activates Fibre Over ZESA Pylons In Braeside Tomorrow!

Powertel has begun activating their fibre to the Home (FTTH) project around some residential areas in Harare under their program Powerconnect and tomorrow they are switching on more lights in Braeside area as they increase their visibility in the suburb. 
They have entered the FTTH market with very low priced data access speeds, which at the time was the lowest fibre access in the market. Speaking to the Powertel Sales and  Marketing Manager Mr Prosper Mutswiri, He said 
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We have Powerconnect Home Broadband Launch and Roadshow at Braeside tomorrow Sartuday 15th July 2016. The service rides over the ZESA pylons through Gpon technology can cover the residents of Braeside and comes with:
  • Easier connection
  • Comes at affordable price and efficiency
  • Higher speeds of upto 100Mbps
“Tomorrow will mark a day where Powertel will interact with its customers, get to share these and other services with customers. We have packages that ranges from as little as $35 Unlimited per months. There will be live connections of customers as our seasoned technical engineers will be on the ground to serve” added Mutswiri.
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