POTRAZ Urges MNOs To Scale Up


POTRAZ Vice Board Chair Mrs Viola Chasi raises concerns to the Mobile Network Operator (MNO) over how some technology companies in Zimbabwe are still behind when some are talking about the 5G Network.

”MNO must scale up if they are going to remain in a business where they will be able to create products that utilize 5G and benefit their consumers. We realize that for us in Zimbabwe and Africa, we are still way behind when some technology companies are talking about 5G network and beyond” She says

”In our terrain, we trying to get everyone connected to 2G in some areas we are trying to phase it out but there have been so many developments, the issues of the open gateway where MNOs are being encouraged to utilize those technologies for the creation of different products from the usual normal Telecommunication business products ”

Chasi who is attending the ongoing MJWC24 in Barcelona stresses the need for regulation that ensures AI does more good than harm.

With the coming and increased use of Artificial intelligence (AI), hackers are also making use of it to further their agenda whilst at the same time they are trying to use AI to benefit humanity so there is a need to balance the use of AI in combating cyber crimes.

Sheltryn Parangira

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