Potraz to Roll Out New Postal Code System

The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) will soon roll out the National Addressing and Post Code System which assists emergency services providers to identify a specific location.

While countries like Tanzania have implemented, Zimbabwe is looking forward to activate the project on a national scale.

Addressing a Potraz Workshop in Masvingo recently, the regulator’s Postal and Courier Services director Kennedy Dewera said they already completed the pilot phase for the project.

“There is also the National Post Code and Addressing Project. This is a project that we are running with and we have already completed the pilot project and we are getting onto the roll out of the national project.

“I believe most of you have completed forms and have seen where you are asked ZIP, Post Code and you are required to put that. The essence in a nutshell of the project is that we complement with our policy on the telecom side.

“The ambulance can be able to use the GIS and be able to say there is somebody who has been knocked down. If somebody calls they will be able to get there on time. If a house is on fire, the fire brigade will get there on time as well.
“This is just the basics of what this project can do. But the system will be able to do wonders,” he said.

National addressing and post code system

“Then the new licensing framework. This is another mechanism which may not necessarily come through to the parliament for approval but is important for you to understand. What we are talking about is to come up with a framework that will enable smaller players to come in and to be able to exit,” he said.

He also noted that the license fees are prohibitive.

“That way we believe that once we have…because at the moment the structure that we have on license fees is a bit prohibitive and this is the reason why we are coming with a new licensing framework.

“Currently we have just three categories. The first one is the postal services general license which according to law we have only one operator that is Zimpost. We have the international courier licenses, in that category we license all the foreign players, those companies that want to provide postal and courier services both domestic and internationally and that’s where we have the DHLs of this world.  Then we have the domestic postal and courier services, this is where yourself and myself are able to come up with our companies then they compete in that sector,” he said.

“ In terms of the license fees, the first one is pegged $500 000, that is what your company Zimpost is required to pay. The second one, the international commercial courier licenses, we have $50 000 that’s for the international courier companies. Then we have the last one is $10 000.

“We believe according to the research that we have done that these are a bit prohibitive. We’d want to see companies come in operate and pay based on whatever they would have gotten from the sector,” he said.



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