Potraz Tackles Health Effects of Electromagnetic Field Radiation


The Postal Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) in conjunction with the Communications Regulators Association of Southern Africa (CRASA) is conducting a two-day electromagnetic field radiation (EMF) workshop in Victoria Falls to enlighten the sector on health effects of electromagnetic field radiation from telecommunication sources, TechnoMag reports.

Potraz deputy director-general Alfred Marisa said the regulator has the mandate to clarify all queries and complaints related to electromagnetic radiation as well as contributing to the SADC electromagnetic framework.

“As the Authority responsible for the communication sector in Zimbabwe, has been inundated with queries and complaints related to EMF radiation. Some communities have seriously protested against the installation of mobile base station towers within their neighborhoods and some parents have objected to the installation of base station towers around schools,” Marisa said on behalf of Potraz director-general Gift Machengete.

“The big question is, are these objections based on fact or suspicion? We will find out the truth in the next two days. At the end of this two-day workshop, we hope that all stakeholders will be ready to engage in creating SADC Model EMF Regulations that are guided by researched knowledge,” Marisa added.

The contributions from all industry players, consumers and regulators are expected to help create a framework which guides operators and users as well as create an environment free from harmful radiation.

“In order to create a safe environment that is free from harmful EMF radiation and as well addressing sensational claims that feed on ignorance and lack of information, we implore all concerned stakeholders to co-operate and establish what the truth is and what are myths,” he said.

Information Communication technologies use electromagnetic field energies these include mobile phones, power lines, wireless networks are all human technologies that involve field-effects.

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