Potraz Summons NetOne To Explain Promos.

The Postal Telecommunications and Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe,(Potraz) has explained that its statement on Facebook has been misunderstood, and hence taken down as they seek to clear the air on the matter.

Potraz states that the statement was meant to inquire the anomalies raised by their subscribers over their data offering and latest data based promotions.  

By Tongai Mwenje 

Potraz states that the message was a notification that they only summoned NetOne to explain their bundles and respond to the customer issues being raised while there is obvious suspicion that some of the promotions they brought back were not cleared. 

In a statement over their Facebook post, Potraz had said 

NetOne has been instructed to stop running unapproved promotions with immediate effect by the Regulator. They have also been asked to show cause why they were running an illegal promotion. We will give all consumers feedback on what action would have taken by tomorrow (Friday 20 January)


The statement has however been toned down as nothing but a cautionary measure by the regulator as they over see the ongoings over the sector. 

NetOne has confirmed receiving the letter from the regulator and stated that they have explained their position already to them. 

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