Potraz Rolling Out Programmes To Educate Girls On Safety Use Of Internet


Girls and young women are vulnerable to online gender based violence, so as Potraz we are rolling out programmes that educates them on the safety use of Internet, Postal Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (Potraz) Director General has said.

Potraz Rolling Out Programmes To Educate Girls On Safety Use Of Internet

The commemorations were held under the theme: access and safety.

“Research has shown that girls and young women are disproportionately exposed to online and Information Communication Technology (ICT) facilitated violence and harassment which have negative impact in their physical, mental and emotional well being and influence on how they use digital tools for the rest of their lives,” he said.

He added that Potraz is working tirelessly in rolling out programmes that educate girls on the safety use of the Internet, since more girls are exposed to online gender based violence leading to loss of lives and mental issues.

“More girls than boys are victims of online gender based violence inform of cyber bullying, cyber stalking and revenge pornography among other things resulting in committing suicide or develop mental health problem due to online emotional and sexual abuse,” said Machengete.

He added, “As the regulator of the sector issues of access and online safety are central to our work and also we continue to roll out a number of consumer education programmes around safety use of Internet.

Machengete further told students and delegates that as the regulator they are making sure that no one is left behind in their process of bridging the urban to rural divide in terms of accessing the ICT.

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