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Zimbabwe records a growth in internet and data usage

“At POTRAZ, we believe that access to affordable, quality information communication technologies (ICTs) is a basic right of every citizen in as much as access to clean water is a basic right. In this regard, through the Universal Services Fund POTRAZ has embarked on a number of projects in this Province that are aimed at ensuring Universal Access to ICTs.”

Zimbabwe through the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) recorded a surge in internet growth and data usage due to the increased adoption of e-learning and telecommuting.

In a statement POTRAZ general, Dr Gift Machengete said a total of 48, 781 TB of mobile data and internet were consumed in 2020.

This represents a growth of 36.5 percent from 35,733 TB recorded in 2019.

Furthermore, the used international incoming bandwidth capacity also increased by 36.6 percent to record 159, 665 in 2020 from 116, 927 recorded in 2019.

However, POTRAZ said it has recorded a decline in mobile and fixed voice traffic by 0.9 percent to record 6.095.710 minutes in 2020 from 6.150.783. 671 minutes recorded in 2019..

It has further said the sector has recorded a huge decline in international incoming traffic in 2020 by 20.6 percent to record 136,7 million minutes from 172,4 million minutes recorded in 2019

The international outgoing traffic also declined by 59,3 percent to record 25,7 million minutes recorded in 2019.

The decline  in international traffic is largely attributable  to the substitution effect of alternative calling procedures presented mainly by the Over The Top Services (OTTs); this substitution was exacerbated by low disposable incomes amidst the Covid – 19 pandemic.


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