Potraz Gears For Mobile Number Portability.

After 5 five years of advocating for the technology, Zimbabweans who simply want to move over from one network to the other without losing one’s phone number have every reason to smile as Potraz is finally setting the system together that allows the technology.

THE Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe is inviting tenders for the provision of mobile number portability implementation consultancy services.Number portability ensures that mobile subscribers keep their phone numbers when they move from one network to another.

It seems the regulator is gearing up to the implementation of mobile number portability in Zimbabwe as it floated a tender.

“Supply of consultancy services for the implementation of mobile number portability in Zimbabwe,” said Potraz.

While Potraz is considering the implementation Telecel Zimbabwe and NetOne are already offering the mock version of the service. Interestingly, both companies have introduced these services at a time when they are reportedly doing the infrastructure sharing. In other words, Potraz is sanctifying or rather making  the MNP official, a service it has been pushing since 2013.

However, Econet remains the odd one out in implementing the virtual MNP for it is the largest Mobile Network Operator by subscriber base.

NetOne alleges that it has gained many Econet Subscribers through their virtual system, that matches a competitors number in their network, allowing one to migrate to a new network while maintaining the last 6 digits.

TechnoMag was the first online publisher in Zimbabwe to recommend the implementation (MNP) where we even published in our Herald Column that this is the only panacea to such a problem at the height of Econet Vs “Everyone” era. Of course even before that we also wrote about it here too as other African countries followed suit.

Potraz regards number portability as an important regulatory tool to widen subscriber choice and promote service based competition.

The downside of Mobile number portability is that one cannot switch from one State to other which would mean that you cannot have one number across the country.

The deadline for the tender is 29 June, 2017.

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