POTRAZ Makes Huge Strides In Enhancing Network Operations


By Lloyd Rabaya

The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) is towards enhancing cost effective networks in rural areas

Under Dr. Machengete’s leadership POTRAZ mooted the tower relocation project to create shared sites whereby collocated towers are relocated to unserved areas so that one tower remains per site .

All three mobile network operators Econet , Netone and Telecel are involved in this project .

In a statement by POTRAZ which this publication is in possession of the project will ensure that network operators coexist on one tower.

“He (Dr. Machengete) ensured that operators agreed to coexist on one tower resulting in 4 new sites being created which are Musambakaruma, Katumbama, Mapolisa and Cranham, utilizing old infrastructure.

The tower relocation project has given momentum to for network expansion into underserved areas, while utilizing existing infrastructure,” read part of the statement.

In 2022, Dr. Machengete will also ensure that more sites are relocated under the initiative.

The network operators have also been working closely in derigging and relocation with the costs being borne by POTRAZ in 2021.

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