'Potraz Could Learn From Canadian Telco Regulator'

ICT and Cyber security minister Supa Mandiwanzira says the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) can learn from its Canadian colleagues to improve the local telecommunication regulation.

Speaking to journalists after getting a courtesy visit from Canada to Zimbabwe Ambassador Rene Cremonese, Mandiwanzira said they discussed ways to modify the local regulator.

“We have also dwelt into the meeting the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe which is the regulator of the telecommunications in Zimbabwe.

“And we want to improve the way we regulate the sector in Zimbabwe and it’s important that they learn from their counterpart institutions in Canada and see how they regulate their space in Canada.
“We are looking at possible cooperation in that regard,” said the minister.
He also said the Ambassador shared some ideas on e-distance learning.
“The ambassador was interested to understand the role we are playing in terms of connectivity, in terms of education.
“He had some great ideas around initiatives we could look at, e-distance learning. We believe that the ideas shared by the ambassador will be adopted by our ministry and those who are operating within our sector,” said Mandiwanzira. ‘
Meanwhile Potraz has been doing roadshows across the country meeting with the people in rural areas.

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