'Potraz Is Safe With Machengete', Kazembe


ICT and Cyber Security minister Hon Kazembe Kazembe has thrown his weight behind Potraz Director General Dr G K Machengete, stating he is confident with him behind the telecommunications and Postal regulator.

The minister was underlying top projects and activities that have been done so far by Potraz as the regulator, and he clearly showed confidence and pleasure towards his work, as the appointing officer, Who took over ex minister Supa Mandiwanzira.

Addressing the ICT Parliamentary Portfolio in Kadoma recently, the minister stated that Potraz is indeed in safe hands with Dr Machengete, a man who has stirred it very well, bringing transparency to and publishing the audited results and the AGM results.

Dr Machengete has managed to drive Potraz to abide by professional industry standards that advocates for transparency and corporate ethics which also saw the announcement of their audited results.

Potraz also held their 2nd AGM meeting which contains an overview of Universal Service Funds (USF) usage, detailed sector perfomance, achievements and challenges in delivering its mandate and finincials from 2017.

Meanwhile there have been separate developments at Potraz which recently saw the DG being  brought to courts over a procurement irregularity he had initially pointed out.

This however brings much scrutiny to the internal systems where some internal directors could be so desperate to score points at all costs.


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