Potraz To Investigate Zimpost Over Buses

The Postal and Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) will be instigating an investigation over the handling of more than $2million worth of buses, which ZimPost was set to acquire to improve the courier services.

Responding to questions and grievances aired by ICT Parliamentary Committee members yesterday in Masvingo, The Potraz Director General Dr Gift Machengete said they want transparency over the whole matter and will be taking immediate action.

By Toneo T Rutsito

We are going to set up an enquiry to investigate the whole matter. We strongly believe in transparency and accountability, while we treat the matter with urgency it deserves.

Speaking to TechnoMag on a sideline interview, Machengete said the investigation was however not an audit, but a formal investigation to seek what really transpired, and how the funds and procurement was handled

Parliamentarians stated that they were not happy about the buses bought by ZimPost and have reasons to suspect that there were underhand deals as most if not all of them have already packed up without significantly servicing their constituency

`The parliamentarians alleged that the buses were of poor standard, and so much money was invested in an asset which has failed to serve them, hence they think there was foul play.

“The few Zimpost buses we saw were of poor standards and cheap quality (sic) we wonder how those were supplied and question the actual cost value., “ Fumed another member of parliament

These buses fall under the Ministry of ICT Postal and Courier Services, and were initially purchased to transport parcels and passengers to various remote areas of less economic benefit to transport players.

The idea was to make the buses ply the route to send letters and parcels at the same time they move passengers in remote areas to improve movement and exchange of communication in the rural areas.

Potraz funded the initiative; hence they instigate an enquiry into the matter to establish what actually transpired.

shamu zimpost bus

The buses were purchased during the era when Webster Shamu was the ICT minister, where he was seeking to drive more relevance for the Postal service while impacting the local community

Parliamentarians Fume Over $ 2mil, Zimpost Buses.

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