POTRAZ Holds World Radio Conference Tomorrow

Postal and Telecommunications Regulation Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) will tomorrow hold the 2015 World Radiocommunications Conference(WRC-15) Feedback Meeting at the  Holiday Inn,Harare .

By Delight Mawere

The conference which is open to organizations and individuals that use frequencies  or any interested party will start at 8:30am .

This  WRC feedback meeting comes after  a delegation from Zimbabwe was sent to attend the World Radio-communications  Conference in Geneva,Switzerland  2015 which was held  from the  2nd  to the  27th of November where they were  representing the interests of the country and also  negotiating for better deals with other nations.

Hence this delegation will be  reporting back the outcomes and results of  the deliberations and negotiations at the conference.

World radio-communication conferences (WRC) are held every three to four years. It is the job of WRC to review, and, if necessary, revise the Radio Regulations, the international treaty governing the use of the radio-frequency spectrum and the geostationary-satellite and non-geostationary-satellite orbits. Revisions are made on the basis of an agenda determined by the ITU Council, which takes into account recommendations made by previous world radio-communication conferences.
The general scope of the agenda of world radiocommunication conferences is established four to six years in advance, with the final agenda set by the ITU Council two years before the conference, with the concurrence of a majority of Member States.


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