Potraz Confirms: We Have Banned Econet!

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

We earlier on gave you the full statement by Econet concerning how Potraz handled their recent price slash.

Econet cried foul and cited unfairness by the regulator as Potraz officially banned their price slash move. They really have suffered a major blow as their summersault move has been halted.The recent 10cents per minute move by Econet was not just a seasonal promotion but actually a prize reduction and Potraz feels this was done outside`s Econet jurisdiction.

Potraz stated that this was done illegally and due procedures were flouted!

here is the full statement from Potraz.

As a regulator we strive to avoid washing our ‘dirty linen’ in public. However, since Econet has chosen to use the media to complain about the conduct of the regulator we are left with no option but to respond through the same. Our comment on this matter is as follows;

Tariffs charged by Operators are regulated in terms of section 100 of the Postal and Telecommunications Act, Chapter 12:05. As such, any increase or decrease in tariffs has to be approved by the Authority in order to safeguard consumers as well as promote fair competition. This applies even where an Operator wishes to offer promotions to its customers. The Authority approves both the promotional tariffs and any other accompanying terms and conditions.

With respect to the Econet promotion, the Authority has simply directed Econet to fully comply with the above referenced legal requirements. The Authority approved Econet’s Dynamic Tariffing Pricing Plan and its terms and conditions in July 2012. What the Authority approved is different from what Econet is offering as its Buddie Zone Red Alert Promotion.

There is therefore nothing unfair about this as the legal requirements apply equally to all Operators.

So its back to the 25cents for now, Econet has not yet respondend whether they will immediately enforce the directive or they will take legal means of challenging it.

We shall keep you informed in due progress!

Econet Cries Foul As Potraz Forces Prize Revert!

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