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POTRAZ Calls For More Women And People With Disability To Participate In The Hackathon



Postal Telecommunication Regulatory Authority Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) has made an advance move in the attaining of the National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1) mantra of leaving no one and no place behind by calling more women and people with disability (PWD) to participate in the Hackathon.

POTRAZ Director General Gift Kallisto Machengete on Friday, urged women and people with disability to participate in the Hackathon innovation drive at the 5th Hackathon Award Ceremony that took place in Mutare.

Machengete highlighted that a few women and PWD participated in the 5th Hackathon competition.

“We had 371 successful applicants with staggering 58% male and 15% women and 5% people with disability.”

“We call more women and people with disability to participate in the innovative drive,” he said.

Machengete added that the programme is more than enough testimony of the Government of Zimbabwe’s commitment to the provision of ICTs to all, regardless of location.

“Virtual reality, Artificial intelligence, machine learning, Argumented reality, all these are realities, they are opposed to realities we have been used to, because of symmetry of realities.”

“While as a nation, we may not be interested in creating a Metaverse at the moment, we have other pressing issues to deal with, those pressing issues call for home grown solutions,” said Machengete.

He also added that there is a land rush in the virtual world, and this is where the world is going.

“This is where innovation has taken us,” said Machengete.

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