POTRAZ Begins Zimbabwe Cyber Bill Consultation

The Postal and Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe kick-started a very healthy discussion on Cybersecurity laws and regulations in Zimbabwe through a three day workshop which roared into life at Rainbow Towers Hotel yesterday.

By Shingie Lev Muringi 

The Cybersecurity workshops is expected to reach its primacy today as stakeholders will fully air their researches and contributions throughout the day. The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of ICT, Eng. S Kundishora who was the guest of honor and officially opened the workshop said there was urgent need by all stakeholders to start working towards Cybersecurity mechanism so as to protect businesses and other livelihoods.


The workshop official opening was graced by COMESA representatives, Mr Lungu from the Zambian Telecommunication Regulatory Authority, Mr T. Mujuru who is the Head of ICT at POTRAZ, Cybersecurity Expects around Zimbabwe lead by Mr Cade Zvavanjanja, top officials from the Reserve of Zimbabwe and many other leading stakeholders in the ICT sector.

In his introductory statement, the Permanent Secretary, Eng. S Kundishora said there was an urgent need for the private sector to partner the government educating the public on issues of cybersecurity and related crimes. With most battles now being fought on technological fronts, the nation should start converging on cybersecurity regulatory frame-working so that Zimbabwe will be able to present a final cybersecurity bill to the cabinet soon.IMG_0089

The most interesting section of the first day of the workshop came when Mr Cade Zvavanjanja took the stage to present on Zero-Day attacks which are now the most popular attacks used by hackers to maliciously enter company systems and hack important information.

Mr Zvavanjanja said most systems are secured on well known attacks but have no mechanisms to curb and prevent unknown attacks. He added that modern day hackers now use zero-day attacks to manipulate software and hardware vulnerabilities.

The only counter measure against such attacks was for organizations to start consulting experts whenever they buy systems and ICT equipment.

The workshop is now on day two and we will be giving you all the discussed issues by end of day. More experts from abroad have been invited to share their experience on cyber-crimes and security and we will capture all the conversations as they happen in real time.



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