Potraz "Bans" Econet Promotions.

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe is on another collision path with Potraz,  the national regulator Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe,  and this time over their promotions which the regulator has not yet given a new shelf life.

In an obvious  move out of frustrations and disappointment, Econet seems unperturbed by the approval process which has taken time and in the long run has put their currently expiring promotions in limbo, hence Econet reacted in a statements distancing themselves from the discontnuiation of the promotion.

By Toneo T Rutsito

We would like to advise that our popular promotions  have not been approved to go beyond the 31st of of July 2016, We are still engaging the regulator, (Potraz) on this mater. Customers will be advised once we have a firm position on this issue.Econet would like to apologise  for the inconvenience. “ read the statement

While its obviously not stated anyway, it seems for some reason Potraz has not been forthcoming in quickly approving the Econet promotions,  which by law should have a shelf life which then needs to be renewed should the operator need to continue.

Econet is currently running the popular 7x promotion, Bundles of Joy , buddy family and friends, the Daily, Weekly and Monthly data bundle. Some of these will be technically banned by month end if Potraz does not give a go ahead for the renewal of promotions.Technically the Econet promotion expires tomorrow, (Sunday 31 July) and Potraz will not be able to renew till probably Monday if they at all will.

The last Time Econet tried to sue Potraz, they lost the case with costs, and they have not made any intentions to go the same path, this time around they rather engage.

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