Potraz Advocates For Jail Term on VoIP abusers!


The national telecommunication regulator, Postal and Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe, Potraz is advocating for harsher punishment for Zimbabweans who are abusing the Voice Over Internet Protocol, VoIP, as they cheat international terminating rates of calls.
speaking during the recently held Standard Global Enterprise Office Communication Summit 2014, on reducing costs by 50%, the national regulator revealed that they would want a much harsh term for those found abusing VoIP as the fines are too light to scare away would be perpetrators.

Speaking during a presentation on billing structures, Mr Shingirayi Marufu said that though the regulator is not concerned about peer to peer communication on VoIP, they are worried about the amount of traffic terminating in Zimbabwe mobile networks, without SIP, while originating from international traffic.
This problem has caused local operators to be actually charged for the international traffic while the person initiating the call terminates as a local provider, hence he/she is charged at local call rates.
He said that the Law should be harsher on people violating this statute and the current fines are too lenient for these criminals who are abusing the Voice over Internet Protocol opportunity.
We once reported about a Bulawayo man , Mr Velaphi Hlabangani who was