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Postal volumes continue to decline


Postal and courier volumes in Zimbabwe have declined by 25% from 1.3 million to 1 million due to the use of e-commerce in the economy.

According to Potraz, postal and courier volumes have been consistently declining over the past year in particular domestic postal volumes attributable to e-substitution.

“The principal cause of the decline in postal letter volumes has been the substitution of paper communication by electronic methods (e-substitution).E-commerce needs to be supported as it is a pillar for postal reform,” the report read.

Volumes for domestic postal letters declined by 23.1% from 790,016 to 607,273. On the other hand, domestic courier services also dropped by 2.2% from 101,296 to 99,031.

During the quarter under review, there was a 31.2% decline in international courier volumes as compared to the previous quarter. Volumes dropped from 392,190 to 269,781 and according to the Regulator, reduction in numbers is a result of less commercial transactions conducted electronically on the internet.

International outgoing courier registered a 50.4% drop from 52,347 to 25,973.

Postal and courier volumes have been consistently declining over the past year, and it is a major concern in terms of the survival of the postal sector in the digital age.

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