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POSB workers go on strike


People’s Own Savings Bank (POSB) workers have downed tools in protest over poor remuneration as the local current economic situation continues to nose dive.

The bank is reported to be failing to meet the workers’ decent living wage.

Reports suggest that they are being paid a paltry wage of between ZWL$2000 – ZWL$3000.

This measly figure, which is less than USD$40 has prompted the workers to air their grievances against the employer.

The strike has left several customers stranded in long ques .

Zimbabwe Banks and Allied Workers Union (ZIBAWU) confirmed the development.

“POSB workers are on strike from today and customers are stranded in long queues they are among the worst remunerated & are now failing to pay rentals, but food & other necessities”

“Dear POSB customers, we regret to announce that workers are on strike as you can see branches are not yet opened. “

“Workers would love to serve you as always but management is refusing to give workers a fair deal”

Workers across the country, notably those from the healthy sector have been protesting against poor salaries.

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