Police adopts Ecocash,swipe payment system for spot fines


The Police has turned to Ecocash and swiping when paying spot fines to boost efficiency at roadblocks across the country.


Motorists had complained of lengthy delays at roadblocks and National Police Spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said this will improve efficiency at roadblocks.


“We are working on adopting a multi payment system at our roadblocks in line with Government’s drive of ease of doing business. Under the system we will introduce Point of Sale, EcoCash and cash payments at our roadblocks.


“This will help prevent unnecessary delay of motorists and it won’t inconvenience drivers who won’t be having cash at hand. We want to apply ease of doing business while at the same time maintaining law and order and promoting safety on our roads,”Ass Comm Nyathi said


Corruption has become rampant in the ZRP set up with some officers benefitting from the roadblocks.


Several private combis are reportedly paying bribes to police officers to be allowed to operate without any hustles despite a blanket ban on private kombis and Ass Comm Nyathi said that the multi payment system will allow transparency in the payment of spot fines.


“Government is embracing smart policing and in the process is ensuring that each police officer is placed under surveillance.


Modalities will be put in place to ensure that this multi payment system is not abused by rogue members of the force and corrupt motorists,” said Asst Comm Nyathi

Kudzai Madziva

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