PlayStation 4, a Beast: X86 CPU And 8GB Memory

Have you heard Of the new PS4, i know for most Zimbabweans the high tech used to take time to reach this part of the world but not these days anymore.

For hardcore gamers, moving from the PS3 to this beast will be a memorable experince. Mostly the best way so far we have seen this new gadget proliferate this festive season was through gift bags from our beloved ones in diaspora.

Here is a review of the new powered Play Station in both Hardware and software to revolutionize your gaming experience.

The console wars are in full swing, and no contender is more focused on the pure gaming experience as the PS4.

Sony’s next-gen PlayStation is not like the Xbox One, which is leaning more toward the media console space than ever before. Instead, the PS4 is built squarely for the gaming enthusiast.

The next-gen platform is designed to shift focus from the living room to the gamer, Sony said, and overall, PlayStation’s approach is meant to make it possible for gamers to play wherever they want, whenever they want, while they launched the new PS4 few months back

The PS4 is essentially an x86-based personal computer, making it easy for developers to build new titles and port over PC games, and it comes with a DualShock 4 controller. It’s a beauty, with a Vita-style touchpad and Kinect-like capabilities thanks to a 3D “stereo” camera accessory.

However, is it worth rushing out and getting one right this second?

Probably not.

The PS4 is a beautiful machine that not only enhances graphics but elevates the entire experience. However, game variety is a bit of an issue early on. Plus, the console probably has a pretty long lifespan (at least five years), with price drops along the way.

PS4 lead system architect Mark Cerny talked about how the evolution of the PS4 came about, saying it began five years ago, earlier on in the life of the PS3. The PS3 was a first step, which was designed to connect to a variety of services, but it was limited because of how early it launched in that world, Cerny said.

“Much less value is found today in blast processing or a system-on-a-chip,” Cerny said. He suggested tech could interfere with design innovation. The tech remains important, he stressed, but the idea was to create a platform that was all about experience. Sound familiar? That’s because it’s a tune Apple and Steve Jobs started playing years ago when they realized the spec race was a nonstarter in the mobile phone world.

“By game creators, for game creators. It is a powerful and accessible system,” Cerny said on stage, suggesting that this time around there was a strong emphasis on ease of development, hence the use of a standard x86 PC CPU. The GPU is designed for use with “practical tasks,” he said, with the overall goal of making development a painless experience

Credit TechCrunch

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