Pistorius bigger than Armstrong in Google search queries

Global Google searches of murder accused paralympian Oscar Pistorius have outnumbered those of cheating cyclist Lance Armstrong.

This is according to a tweet from the official Twitter account of Google Africa.

Google Africa posted a link to a trends graph over the last year that highlights how searches of Pistorius have soared in number, surpassing the previous peak in January this year involving that of Lance Armstrong.

Armstrong, who has been stripped of his seven Tour de France titles, admitted to taking performance enhancing drugs during his career as a cyclist in an interview with television personality Oprah Winfrey this year.

The controversy surrounding Pistorius, who shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp last week Thursday on Valentines Day, has generated an explosion of tweets and Google searches.

Pistorius is facing a bail hearing at the time of writing. A Google trend map illustrating how searches of Pistorius have outnumbered those of Armstrong in the last year is visible by clicking here.

“#OscarPistorius bigger than #Armstrong in Google Search queries,” said Google Africa, which has just over 41,000 followers on its Twitter account.

Steven Ambrose, managing director at Strategy Worx, has told ITWeb Africa that he is not surprised about the internet interest in the Pistorius’ story. And the first place that people check to find out more about the story includes the likes of Google, says Ambrose.

“I’m sitting in London at the moment and it’s on every single front page of every single newspaper; ‘it’s on every single television station in a place like London,” he said.

“I think the simple thing is that Oscar Pistorius, his story and achievements have absolutely captured the hearts and minds of people across the globe, and his fall from grace has probably created a media storm and frenzy because people love to know what’s going on with a fallen hero,” added Ambrose.


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